I believe that things reveal themselves to us when we are truly ready to receive them.

Not long after I made my decision to become a vegetarian a friend of mine recommended I watch two movies: Food Inc. and Food Matters.

There is so much wonderful information about food and health in both of these movies, but what really stood out for me was one particular person. When he appeared on the screen I was immediately mesmerized by his vitality. David Wolfe is the poster boy for health. He just looks so healthy. Vibrant. Happy. I want even one ounce of that. And how does he achieve it? Raw food.

Then, I watched the documentary Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days and the companion to this called Raw for Life.

I knew I had found treasure. I had heard about raw food and raw foodists, but the idea never appealed to me before. I didn’t know much about this lifestyle and I had never had the desire before to find out more information.

Until now.

Now I was ready.