Today I am still a vegetarian.

It is such a gorgeous sunny day here today. Yesterday too. Sunshine is such a healing energy. I definitely don’t want to miss out on that, so I am getting out into the sunshine as much as possible while it’s available. Especially the morning sun.

I went for a lovely long walk yesterday in the late afternoon. While I walked I focused in on what I want to bring into my life right now. All my goals are becoming more clear. I have been thinking a lot lately of what I used to eat as a child, and as a teenager, and in my twenties, thirties, all the way into my present life. I just allow all the thoughts to come and I try not to judge them. And then the feelings come and again, I try to just acknowledge the feelings without too much judgement. I have been trying out the Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping from time to time and I feel it is working. The real test will come next cycle I’m sure. But I feel really good about it.

I wasn’t able to buy the hemp protein powder with maca yesterday, but I did get the store to order some in for me, so I’ll let you know how the maca is working for me once I get it and start using some in my diet. I just get a really strong feeling that this (Maca) is something that will be good for me.

Being good to my body and giving it the things that it needs to make it feel good is really my highest goal of all. This body of mine has done some wonderous things in its’ 45 years on this planet so far – giving birth to three beautiful baby girls, dancing in the arms of my sweetheart, swimming in the ocean, walking many miles over the years, and so much more. This body deserves the very best. It has been screaming out to me for so long now to treat it better. Finally, I am listening. And not just listening, but taking action too. I am so sorry Body of Mine, that I have neglected you for so long.

Now, I am heading outside to soak in some healing sun energy.