I want to share with you an excerpt from a newsletter article I recently received:

“There are so many different types of diets out there, and also so much confusion what to do. And because you have to take care not only about yourself, but also of your children, things become even more important.

One part of this problem is, that we are all so much separated from our natural environment.
This separation is causing a lot of insecurity and confusion.

The more closely and in harmony we live with mother nature, the more easy it is to feel and know what is good and healthy.

And it is about getting this natural feeling back to you. It is not about following all these different diets, books and systems, it is about taking the power and confidence back to yourself.
You do not need expensive programs, doctors and gurus. It is all within you.

In order to access this “lost” knowledge, which is actually not lost, just buried, you need to go back and connect with our ancient mother nature.
The more you walk this path and go outside, spend time away from houses and big cities, and connect with nature, the easier you will build up your natural awareness and confidence in what is right and wrong.

And here comes the raw food diet into game again.

Raw food is the most direct way to connect with these energies and powers. It purifies your mind, body and soul on such a profound level, that you will start to think and feel clear again. And this is what you need to do, to become clear. Become clear not only for yourself, but for the health of your children!

You do not need to focus again on some kind of concept being a 100% raw , and suffer from not reaching this goal.
You do not need another strict concept. It is more about slowly increasing the amount of vital, living foods, and start listening to your awakening feelings again.

When you connect with nature, you will automatically eat better, and decrease highly processed and unnatural junk food.
These awakening feelings will guide you. They will tell you what is right to eat, where you should live, and how you need to nourish your children and your family.

You will only discover these feelings, if you look within you, which is again great news. No program, guru or concept needed.

Just you.

I even urge you not to stick to the label “raw food diet”. It is only a label. It can easily produce “box thinking” which is again not helpful to connect with your higher guidance.
It is not about eating, or following the “raw food diet”. No.
It is about reconnecting with a natural way of living and feeling life. This is what you need to do to find the best way for you, your family and your children.

Please think totally out of the box.

Do, eat and feel more what feels good to you. Be honest. You need to define what truly feels good from the bottom of your heart, or what gives you pleasure on a physical or emotional level only. True pleasure feels good on all levels, not only on one!”

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