I am still having loads of fun with my new camera. I had Jayla take this photo of me this morning. We have had so many gorgeous sunny days in a row; it just makes me feel so alive and happy.

I purchased two new piano books recently. I have been taking piano lessons for a little over a year now and I really love it. I play almost every day. If I am in a bad mood, I just need to start playing and soon I am in a better mood; and if I am in a good mood when I start, well, I am over the moon happy when I am done. It is never too late to take music lessons; I began my lessons when I was 44 years old, and I had never taken any lessons before that – I was a total beginner. I am still playing on a beginner keyboard right now, with only 5 octaves, but I dream of having one like this within the next couple of years.

Love this photo.

Check out this gorgeous print. All of Lucy Snowe’s work is beautiful, but that one is my favourite.

Thanks to my lovely friend Tracy, I discovered some new (to me) music, and I can’t stop listening. Xavier Rudd , John Butler Trio, and Oka.

I watched this nominated movie. What a powerful movie and the performances were incredibly real. Definitely one of those “must see” movies.

I want to make a bouquet of these.

Each night I am reading a bit of this book to Jayla. We have the print version, but It is actually available free here.

I would really like to have a pair of these or these.

I know I am really looking ahead here, but I want a set of these for my Mother’s Day gift. Okay girls?? Or should I say, okay honey??

These two books are on their way from amazon.ca and I should have them by the end of the week. Just in time because the Sunfood book is due back at the library next tuesday and I am not finished reading it.

And what are you enjoying this week?