Happy St. Patrick’s Day. What a gorgeous, sunny, warm day it was today. Too beautiful to stay inside. So that is why Jayla and I headed out to Peterborough today to pick up some food supplies at our favourite health food store. We were also planning on visiting the animals in the zoo, but it was far too busy today because of March break – there wasn’t one parking space available. We decided we would try again in a week or two, when the children are all back in school and it will be less busy.

We did find a lovely picnic area on the river and we had our snack and took a few photos of the sun sparkles on the water. So pretty.

This week I had the opportunity to pay my mother back for all the help she gave me during the winter that I wasn’t feeling well (December 2008/January, February & March 2009). She would come over to my house when things were really bad for me and she would take care of me and my children’s needs. Meals, cleaning, lifting spirits. I was honored to be able to pay her back just a little bit this week. She injured her back and was on complete bed rest orders from her doctor, so from Saturday until Tuesday I cooked and cleaned and lifted her spirits – and my girls helped out tremendously too. What a great feeling. And what a difference in how I am feeling now compared with back then. Like night and day.

A dear friend hooked me up with the Women’s International Summit for Health. I listened to the full hour long interview with David Avocado Wolfe this afternoon. Some great questions were asked and some equally great answers were given. My favourite quote: “raw food heals people, not necessarily because of its nutrients, and maybe not even necessarily because of its energy, but I think it makes people aware of how we’re using food to hold down a certain emotion we’re not wanting to deal with.”

Yet another dear friend hooked me up with this website and I absolutely needed to purchase this. This is definitely the year of the goddess!

So, are these bags gorgeous or what?! I was in a little gift/kitchen gadget shop today and they had these. I don’t know how I would choose just one style or just one colour. It is definitely on my wish list now.

Okay Tracy, you totally rock my world. You have hooked me up with the most beautiful music. Thanks baby. This is my latest favourite.

I am really enjoying this new book. So much fun.

Another item on my wish list is a wooden wedding band made by this amazing wood carver artist. I am not able to wear any sort of alloy on my body anymore, so I haven’t worn my white gold and diamond wedding ring for years now – I get a really bad rash when I wear it. So, I would love to trade it in and get a wooden one instead. And these are beautiful beyond belief.

I love the sun sparkles in this photo.

These are the cutest fuzzy easter chicks, but I think I might only have time to do the mini eggs this year. There’s always next year right?

I cannot stop watching this trailer.

And what are your favourite things this week?