I am experiencing some wonderful new flavours lately. Some I am enjoying more than others, but so far I must say that there really aren’t any flavours that I absolutely hate. These are just a few of them: goji berries, raw cacao, spirulina, coconut butter, dehydrated flax crackers. So far, so good.

There are some favourite recipes from my cooked food life that I love and I don’t mind substituting for raw, as long as they taste really good – they don’t have to taste exactly the same, but they still have to taste good. If you know what I mean.

So far I have discovered two substitutions that taste just as good as the original cooked version; if not better.

A few weeks ago I made chocolate pudding made with avocado, banana, raw cacao powder and vanilla in a food processor. So delicious.

This weekend I made some nori rolls without the rice. They were so good. I made sure all of my favourite flavours were included in them: wasabi (not sure if this is considered raw) paste, avocado slices, julienned cucumber, sesame seeds and of course the nori (seaweed) sheets. I added julienned red pepper to these ones and it added a really lovely sweetness to them and beautiful colour too. I am hooked. I don’t think I will ever want nori rolls any other way now.