I thought I would wake up ravenous this morning, but I didn’t. I was really surprised.

I began the day with 3 large glasses of water.

My morning meal was 1 banana.

More water later in the morning. I think it was 2 glasses. I don’t really keep track. I suppose I should, but I just drink until I’m not thirsty anymore.

Lunch was the lovely large glass of juice I am holding in the photo. Carrot, spinach and apple juice. I would have loved a smoothie drink, but my blender broke, or I should say “I” broke my blender while I was washing it — the bowl was glass. As it dropped into the sink I hoped that it had broken whatever it had fallen on, but no, the blender broke instead. I had decided in my mind that once this blender was no longer working I would buy a high speed blender. Maybe I willed it to happen subconsciously? I really wasn’t consciously ready to buy a new one yet, but now here I am without a blender. It might not seem like such a huge deal, but it is actually the one appliance that I was using every single day, so I really do miss it.

For lunch I also had a few carrot sticks and celery sticks.

I did some strength work with my hand weights. Not a lot, I just wanted to do a bit of exercise today.

More water in the afternoon.

Jayla and I went for a little walk to the mail and back. It only took a few moments, but it was still nice to get out into the sunshine and fresh air.

Today I had the girls help me prepare supper. It was a challenge to cook, knowing that I wasn’t going to eat any of it, so having them do some of the preparation really helped. Turkey sausages, roasted cauliflower, roasted asparagus, sauteed spinach, and sauteed onions and mushrooms.

For MY supper I prepared a large salad with cauliflower pieces, romaine lettuce, spinach, carrot slices, tomatoes and zesty lentil sprouts. The dressing was made using avocado and lemon juice. On this detox I am not supposed to have any fats (avocado), but I cannot, or I should say, I will not eat a salad without some kind of delicious dressing on it. I just couldn’t see myself eating a salad with just lemon juice on it. Yuck.

These are the zesty lentil sprouts that I began sprouting last friday. I used the instructions in the Raw Divas 7 day detox ebook and they worked out perfectly. I wondered why they were called “zesty” lentils seeds and now I know, they have a peppery taste that really does give them a zesty flavour.

My headache is gone today thankfully. I don’t feel overly energetic, but I don’t feel drained of energy either, so I am pleased with that. I am also pleased with the fact that I completed day 2 of my detox. Only 5 more to go.