Perhaps you are wondering what happened with the rest of the raw food diva detox? Well, I decided to stop it. It just didn’t feel right and so I just stopped. I know I am ready to do something like this, but this one just wasn’t the right one for me. Actually, I shouldn’t say that “this one” wasn’t the right one for me, instead I will say that I went about it in the wrong way. The Raw Divas do offer a 7 day detox menu planner; but I chose not to purchase this e-book.

Through this experience I have learned that because I am so new to the raw food world, I really do need extra guidance in the form of a menu plan and recipes. Just going it alone was too much of a stretch for me. I am a recipes kind of gal. I love to have a recipe as a starting point at least and then once I feel comfortable I experiment and improvise.

So, I have found another system that I am very excited about. It is called The Raw Food Challenge: 7 days to improve your health, detoxify your body and lose weight by Kevin and Annmarie Gianni. I have already purchased the book and printed it off. I have been watching the Renegade Health Show for a few months now and when this program became available I knew that it would be perfect for me. The recipes from this book look absolutely delicious and I am very excited about trying them out for myself — like creamy tomato soup.

There is one thing I am waiting for before I begin this 7 day raw food challenge. My new blender. YES, I finally took the plunge and purchased a high speed blender. I am so excited and cannot wait to get my new blender and begin my high speed blender adventures.