I received a beautiful email today from Kevin Gianni of The Renegade Health Show about how every day should be earth day, not just one day of the year. I couldn’t agree more — I mean what would become of us if we didn’t have this marvellous earth of ours. So, I thought I would share Kevin’s message with all of you.

It’s funny how we need to pick a day to celebrate
the earth…

Particularly when our ancestors celebrated every
moment they could. 🙂

We’ve completely lost our connection to the planet
we live on. I don’t even need to explain how (you
likely already know).

And the reason why is because we “think” we’re
individuals or separate beings.

It’s a ridiculous thought when you break it down.

Just like our bodies have different cells, fluids and

We have a similar relationship with the earth.

We are a part of a whole.

The slugs, the dirt, the whales, the rivers all are
essential cogs, just like red blood cells, neurons and
fat cells are a necessary part of your body.

If all your red blood cells were to suddenly disappear,
you would have a big problem.

So what if the all the bees disappeared from the earth?

I think you get where I’m going… 😉

So today, on earth day, I want to give you 3 things you
can do to reconnect.

1. Take your shoes off and walk around outside.

It’s simple and you can do it right now.

Your flesh to soil connection will ground you to the
earth and re-balance your electrical channels.

2. Smell the plants. Go into a park or the woods and
just pick a few plants and smell them. See which ones
smell bad and which ones smell amazing.

Your connection to instinct will be revived just slightly.

3. Look into an animal’s eyes.

If you have a pet or if you don’t…

Find an animal, maybe at a pasture or at the animal
shelter and look into its eyes.

You’ll see a wisdom no human would ever be able
to rationalize (And that doesn’t ever need to be

Just these simple things can help build awareness
and consciousness.

That is powerful enough to help make Earth Day
celebrations every day celebrations. (And who
doesn’t like to celebrate?)

by Kevin Gianni of The Renegade Health Show