I received an early Mother’s Day gift yesterday — this gorgeous vase from Kiera and Jayla just had to fill it up with white lilacs and fragrant crab apple blossoms. What perfect timing for this beautiful little pick-me-up. Thanks so much girls; I love you.

Another blessing I received yesterday was my parents coming to the rescue and offering to bring Kiera home so that I wouldn’t have to drive out there to get her. Yea! They stayed and visited for the day and so my mother was a huge help to me; doing dishes & preparing food for everyone, so that I could just focus on making my blended meals. What is the saying? “Ask and you shall receive”. Well, I certainly did receive yesterday. Thanks mom and dad.

My morning smoothie yesterday began as a complete disaster — my advice, do not substitute cantaloupe for watermelon in a smoothie recipe. It was actually undrinkable. I dumped in out into the compost pile and began again with the alternate recipe. Yes, this raw food challenge has alternate recipes, and the alternate smoothie recipe was delicious!

It had predicted rain for yesterday, but the rain held off until the evening and so we had the entire day of sunny warm weather to enjoy. Perfect for lifting the spirits. Sun, warm weather, wonderful company and lovely gifts — what more could I ever ask for?

So, today, even though I woke with a tiny bit of a headache and I still have this fogginess, I am feeling so very grateful for all the many blessings in my life.

Last night I listened to the second coaching call for the raw food challenge. Lots of questions were answered during that call, including mine: I asked “can I use organic canned coconut milk in place of the young coconut meat in the recipes”? — Kevin Gianni answered that it would be better if I replaced the coconut meat instead with soaked flax seeds or even better soaked chia seeds instead of using canned products. The reason is that there have been some studies that have shown BPA leaking into foods in cans because they coat aluminum cans with plastic. I am so glad I asked that question, because I didn’t know this about canned foods. I don’t buy a lot of canned foods, but now I will really be aware of the health risks involved in purchasing foods in cans.

Kevin gave so much great advice last night, but the one thing that really stood out for me was asking myself this one question each morning: “What can I do today that will make me healthier than I was yesterday?” I think this is a wonderful approach to health and one I will definitely adopt for myself. Thank you Kevin Gianni.

So, I begin day four of this raw food challenge with an attitude of gratitude and a focus on the goal of being healthier than I was yesterday.