Yesterday morning I woke up still feeling quite “foggy”, but by late afternoon that feeling had cleared and I was feeling much better. It felt very strange chewing my salad for supper last night after 3 and a half days of blended foods; my jaw was actually a little bit sore afterwards.

This morning I woke up feeling SO much better. It feels like I have normalized to this way of eating – after just 4 days. How strange.

Last night I listened to another coaching call; this time with Nick Ortner of The Tapping Solution. He was talking about using emotional freedom technique (eft) to help with food cravings. He actually went through the sequence with Lisa Miller who was hosting the coaching call; she was craving chocolate brownies and by the end of the sequence she no longer felt the cravings at all, it was so remarkable to be able to listen in and follow along like that, to really get a sense of how this technique is done and how effective it really is.