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Last night was the final performance of Seussical the Musical. Lianne did an amazing job in her swing role as hunter/hunch/fish. I was beaming with pride as I watched her perform on stage.

Today is mother’s day and of course my girls wanted to spoil me with a special breakfast – they usually make me a big breakfast in bed – but this year they made me my morning smoothie instead. I guess they had it pretty easy this year, in a matter of a few moments my “breakfast” was done. It was still the best smoothie ever because my girls made it for me with that special ingredient of lots of love. Yum!

I still am amazed at how quickly and easily the week went by. I am feeling fantastic and I know that I don’t want to stop here, I am ready to give this whole raw food thing a go. There is an option with the Raw Food Challenge to continue on for another week and I will definitely be doing that.

And now I am going to go have a nice long bath and then put my feet up and relax with a good book. Mother’s Day only comes once a year and I want to make the most of it. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there.

“A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take – Cardinal Mermillod”


The reason I am doing this raw food challenge is of course for myself; so that I may experience better health and happiness. But, always on my mind, is how I can be a person worthy of imitation for my daughters. I want them to know that it is okay for a mother to put herself first at times. I have done the whole “sacrifice myself for the sake of others” thing and that serves no one in the end. Leading by example really is the best way.

Last night’s supper was a raw chili and it was so delicious (and spicy). To my surprise, my husband and daughter both wanted to try it. Of course I was only too eager to give them each a bowl, and guess what…..they liked it. I didn’t go into this journey into raw foods with the intention of changing my entire family’s eating habits, not at all. I did this with the thought that I would always be the odd person out at the dinner table. But just the fact that they are so open to “try” these new foods fills me with such happiness.

I received a beautiful email today from Kevin Gianni of The Renegade Health Show about how every day should be earth day, not just one day of the year. I couldn’t agree more — I mean what would become of us if we didn’t have this marvellous earth of ours. So, I thought I would share Kevin’s message with all of you.

It’s funny how we need to pick a day to celebrate
the earth…

Particularly when our ancestors celebrated every
moment they could. 🙂

We’ve completely lost our connection to the planet
we live on. I don’t even need to explain how (you
likely already know).

And the reason why is because we “think” we’re
individuals or separate beings.

It’s a ridiculous thought when you break it down.

Just like our bodies have different cells, fluids and

We have a similar relationship with the earth.

We are a part of a whole.

The slugs, the dirt, the whales, the rivers all are
essential cogs, just like red blood cells, neurons and
fat cells are a necessary part of your body.

If all your red blood cells were to suddenly disappear,
you would have a big problem.

So what if the all the bees disappeared from the earth?

I think you get where I’m going… 😉

So today, on earth day, I want to give you 3 things you
can do to reconnect.

1. Take your shoes off and walk around outside.

It’s simple and you can do it right now.

Your flesh to soil connection will ground you to the
earth and re-balance your electrical channels.

2. Smell the plants. Go into a park or the woods and
just pick a few plants and smell them. See which ones
smell bad and which ones smell amazing.

Your connection to instinct will be revived just slightly.

3. Look into an animal’s eyes.

If you have a pet or if you don’t…

Find an animal, maybe at a pasture or at the animal
shelter and look into its eyes.

You’ll see a wisdom no human would ever be able
to rationalize (And that doesn’t ever need to be

Just these simple things can help build awareness
and consciousness.

That is powerful enough to help make Earth Day
celebrations every day celebrations. (And who
doesn’t like to celebrate?)

by Kevin Gianni of The Renegade Health Show

On thursday — April 1st — we celebrated Lianne’s fifteenth birthday.

So many memories came flooding back to me about that day fifteen years ago and the days leading up to it.

The pregnancy before ended in a miscarriage at 18 weeks. I was devastated. I had never before experienced anything like that. As soon as I was able I became pregnant again. I found out that I was pregnant on the same day that would have been the due date of the miscarried baby. I saw this as a sign. A good sign. I knew in my heart that everything would be okay this time around. This pregnancy was so completely different from the other two. I hardly had any nausea at all. I felt great. I did yoga every day. I started swimming and swam throughout my pregnancy. I walked every day. And I started reading different books. Books about natural childbirth. I wrote up a birth plan. I bought a sling. I planned to do extended breastfeeding. Co-sleeping. Cloth diapering. During this pregnancy I went into a health food store for the very first time. I began learning about alternative health.

Lianne has challenged me in so many ways; right from the very beginning. She was and is my “challenging” child. Always so independent. Never asking for help, just helping herself instead. I remember finding her standing up on the kitchen counter at 2 years old, stretched up on her toes trying to reach a glass for herself, determined to get it herself. Lianne is the one that pushed me to go further, learn more, try to do better, open up my mind to new possibilities. It has been frustrating at times, to say the least, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I really believe that the universe gives us exactly what we need, when we need it. Lianne, my little april fool’s day baby, was exactly the remedy I needed for my broken heart. She mended it many times over. I am grateful for this beautiful gift.

On friday I went walking with a friend in the late afternoon. I wasn’t going to go at first because it was quite cold – with the windchill it was definitely well below zero degrees celcius. On saturday I woke up with very little energy and a pressure in my right lung. I had difficulty climbing the stairs without stopping along the way; I couldn’t take a deep breath. This certainly isn’t the first time I have experienced these symptoms, but I managed to go through this entire winter without feeling this way. I guess I thought I was in the clear now that it was officially spring. Obviously I still need to keep an eye on the temperature and when it is below zero I need to stay indoors and stay warm.

I was very happy that we didn’t really have much planned for this weekend. On saturday we participated in Earth Hour. In our home we always do much more than one hour. The children love having all the power out and so do I. We bought some batteries for our small radio, so we could listen to some music; and batteries for our flashlights too. We had a few candles lit throughout the house and an oil lamp too. I love the warm glow of candlelight. Jean and the two girls played many card games and told stories. I read my book until it was much too dark to see and then I just lay under my comfy quilt and enjoyed the sounds of my family playing games and laughing and enjoying each others’ company. I wish we could have an earth hour each week, or at least once a month. It really brings us together as a family.

The dark and quiet atmosphere allowed me to rest and relax; just what my body needed to mend itself. I consumed only liquids until supper time and then I had a very light supper. Sunday I woke feeling much better. It reminded me of how important it is for me to take a day of rest. Each week. Perhaps it can’t always be for an entire day; but a nice long soak in a warm bath by candlelight with soothing music playing, getting into comfy pyjamas and crawling under the blankets, reading a bit of a good book and then going to bed early. That sounds pretty good to me.

A very happy birthday to our dear friend Barb. May your day and year be filled with happiness and health and many wonderful adventures. Have a wonderful day of indulgences and pampering – just for you!


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