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I am experiencing some wonderful new flavours lately. Some I am enjoying more than others, but so far I must say that there really aren’t any flavours that I absolutely hate. These are just a few of them: goji berries, raw cacao, spirulina, coconut butter, dehydrated flax crackers. So far, so good.

There are some favourite recipes from my cooked food life that I love and I don’t mind substituting for raw, as long as they taste really good – they don’t have to taste exactly the same, but they still have to taste good. If you know what I mean.

So far I have discovered two substitutions that taste just as good as the original cooked version; if not better.

A few weeks ago I made chocolate pudding made with avocado, banana, raw cacao powder and vanilla in a food processor. So delicious.

This weekend I made some nori rolls without the rice. They were so good. I made sure all of my favourite flavours were included in them: wasabi (not sure if this is considered raw) paste, avocado slices, julienned cucumber, sesame seeds and of course the nori (seaweed) sheets. I added julienned red pepper to these ones and it added a really lovely sweetness to them and beautiful colour too. I am hooked. I don’t think I will ever want nori rolls any other way now.


I love cheese. I have never met a cheese I didn’t like. Creamy cheeses, sharp cheeses, pungent cheeses. It is just such a versatile food isn’t it? And so, so delicious. So why am I giving up a food that I love so much you may be asking. Well, because cheese has been doing damage to my body for years, and I have finally decided that the overall health of my body is more important than my taste buds. When I eat cheese, either that same day or the next day I get a headache, an upset stomach and unbelievable mood swings; just ask my dear family about those. Then there is the skin eruptions, stuffed up nose, and lack of energy (I actually get sort of a sugar rush from cheese and then I crash hard an hour or two later). There are probably other symptoms too that I am unaware of right now, but perhaps will become clear to me once I remove it completely from my diet.

This is not going to be easy for me. What was it that Dorothy said to Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz? “I think I’ll miss you most of all”. Yeah, that is me with cheese.

So, this is a new week. And this week my mantra is “I am a vegan”. Actually, I think I will have to call myself a Bee-gan, because I do plan on using bee products: honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis.

I was planning on living with being a vegetarian for at least another week before moving on to the next goal of becoming a vegan, but last week cheese was on the menu for three meals and after the second one I had to stop there. Cheese just doesn’t love me as much as I love it. Nothing like a one-sided relationship to make you realize it is time to move on.

Can any of you guess what that is a photo of at the top of this blog post? I’ll give you a clue — it is not cheese.

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I'm Colleen. I am a wife and a stay-at-home homeschooling mother of 3 daughters, living in Canada and beginning my journey towards becoming a raw food vegan. My new mantra is "transition slowly and gradually", which is where I got the name for my blog. Thanks so much for visiting and feel free to leave me a comment to let me know you stopped by for a visit.
"You are not a human being, you are a human becoming." - Og Mandino

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